Dear Colleagues and Members of the Gulf Group Study of Diabetes.

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you all to participate in our bi-annual conference. The conference is held every 2 years, and the beautiful city of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman has been chosen as the destination for the year 2020.
The Conference will run over a period of 3 days: 19th – 21st of March 2020.
Your presence and participation will enable not only the success of the conference, but also present opportunities to integrate into the network of diabetes care and understanding it's implications and challenges collectively.
The Scientific program has been designed to address the current breakthroughs, translational science and frontiers of health economics, hospital Information systems, data science in diabetes: especially artificial intelligence in diabetes.
Dietary habits have always been a grey area, and for the first time in a diabetes conference in the region an endeavor to bridge diet, behavioral science and therapeutics has been given a special focus.
There is no doubt that health economic burden in diabetes care is a great challenge and the topics covering the use of biosimilar insulin’s and biological therapies and providing a good non-biased approach will keep participants abreast to current affairs.
Another topic of interest in the scientific program is Translational Science: the pathophysiology of the beta-cells, new diseases from immune-check point therapies opens another frontier in diabetes. Understanding these challenges nevertheless will enhance our knowledge and offer our clients better care.

Muscat -Sultanate of Oman is a Vast country with excellent facilities, outdoor entertainment and rich history. The people are friendly and welcoming and the weather just perfect to explore the picturesque city.

I look forward to receiving you in your second country for Gulf citizens and without any doubt all the nations around the world, the International Faculty to enrich our understanding of Diabetes-Care 2020.

Dr. Mohammed Al Lamki